The USA EXIM Trade

There is a recent update in the exports and Imports of USA . The  U.S. exports took a hit from an ailing global economy  and imports from China surged, fueling the largest expansion of America's trade deficit in five months.

The size of the trade gap has risen far above the average levels seen in recent years and the onus for stronger U.S. economic growth is now falling squarely on consumers.

"Trade will remain a drag on the real economy until well into next year," said Steve Murphy, an economist at Capital Economics. Sales of U.S. goods and services abroad fell 2 percent to their lowest level since October 2012. Exports to Mexico fell by $1.5 billion in August and the European Union bought $500 million less from America than it did in July, according to data on bilateral trade which is not seasonally adjusted.

The declines are partly due to expectations of higher interest rates in the United States that have pushed the value of the dollar higher, reflecting the strength of America's economy relative to its trading partners. A stronger dollar makes U.S. goods less competitive abroad.

The International Monetary Fund cut its global growth forecasts for the second time this year on Tuesday, citing weak commodity prices and a slowdown in China while warning that policies aimed at increasing demand were needed.

A 3 percent increase in U.S. imports from China also factored into the widening of the trade deficit. China's yuan currency has depreciated sharply in recent months amid concerns of a possible crash in the Chinese economy, which is the second largest in the world after America's.

The widening of the U.S. trade deficit surpassed the $47.4 billion median forecast for the deficit in a Reuters poll of economists.

Amway opens new Production Facility

Amway opened its new $42 million nutrition manufacturing and R&D facility in Buena Park, California. According to company officials, the 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility will house select manufacturing operations for the company's Nutrilite brand of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements, sold exclusively by Amway Business Owners. The R&D facility will focus on quality assurance activities as well as research efforts for the nutrition brand. A new office building also is part of the development.

The Nutrilite brand has been advancing nutrition for more than 80 years, said Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel. These facilities are a key part of the brand's future and we couldn't be more excited to continue the legacy of nutrition manufacturing from this site in California.

The new manufacturing facility supports ingredient granulation – the mid-step in the manufacturing process of vitamin and mineral tablets, including Nutrilite Double X and Nutrilite supplements. The facility will take raw ingredients from Nutrilite farms, received in a powdered form, and turn them into a consistency that can be pressed into tablets.

People all around the world rely on us for quality nutrition products, said Amway Chief Supply Chain and R&D Officer George Calvert. This investment in manufacturing and R&D is one of many that we make to ensure that we continue to provide the very best in nutrition to the global consumer.

The manufacturing facility is built to meet Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design silver certification standards developed by the U.S. Green Building Council – upholding a long-term environmental focus by Amway. The building design and construction used sustainability practices, a storm water control system, and paint and other coatings containing low volatile organic compounds to reduce potentially harmful gases.

The Buena Park-based facility is one of five new manufacturing sites slated to open in 2015 for Amway, part of its ongoing $332 million USD manufacturing expansion.


Fronius USA manufacturing in the US

Fronius USA starts manufacturing the Fronius Primo solar inverters in the United States to serve the high product demand and show its commitment to the market.

Portage, Indiana -  Fronius USA, subsidiary of Fronius International, has recently invested over $1.5 million in the development and integration of a full manufacturing and testing facility in their Portage, Indiana, 400,000ft2 headquarters. Fronius is known worldwide for its quality power electronics, including welding technology and solar inverters. Fronius USA recently hired over 30 people to staff the production.

The manufacturing line produces and tests over 200 Fronius Primo solar inverters per day. The Fronius Primo is part of the unique Fronius snapinverter line, which is leading the solar industry with its innovations in easy mounting, highest design flexibility and outstanding communication capabilities. The available power classes for the Fronius Primo inverter reach from 3.8 to 8.2 kw, to serve typical residential solar installations. 

The Fronius Primo is a leader in the residential solar industry and, as such, is a clear reason for Fronius to invest in production in the United States, says Thomas Enzendorfer, director solar energy at Fronius USA. Fronius USA is proud to offer a high quality product manufactured entirely in the United States. Since quality is a top priority for Fronius, every inverter is tested under real-life conditions for full function and safety before shipping.

Fronius appreciates Indiana as a manufacturing location for its ideal geographical location amidst the crossroads of America. It offers easy access to ground or air transportation for fast shipping to any of the fifty states. Furthermore, main suppliers of raw materials are located in the Midwest, which allows for short supply chains and good, long-lasting relationships with U.S. suppliers.

This new production line is the first step towards more US manufacturing to come. Fronius USA plans to manufacture further products in Portage, Indiana to better serve the high demand in the US. As a family owned company, we are thinking long-term and are dedicated to showing our commitment to the US for generations to come, says Thomas Enzendorfer.


ABB to manufacture robots in US

ABB, the global leader in power and automation technologies, announced it will start production of robots in the United States, making it the first global industrial robotics company to fully commit to and invest in a North American robotics manufacturing footprint. The company made the announcement at the opening of a new robotics plant at an existing facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where it already has about 500 highly skilled employees. Production is to commence immediately.
The new plant is ABB’s third robotics production facility, alongside Shanghai, China, and Vasteras, Sweden, and will manufacture ABB robots and related equipment for the North American market.
The United States is ABB’s largest market with US$7.5 billion in sales. The company has invested more than US$ 10 billion in local R&D, capital expenditure and acquisitions since 2010, taking local employment from 11,500 to 26,300. Continued investment in the North American value chain and manufacturing constitutes a significant part of ABB’s global growth plans reflecting the company’s Next Level strategy.
ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer  said, we are marking and celebrating the next stage of our commitment and growth in North America with the start of local robot manufacturing in Auburn Hills, US. ABB is the first global automation company to open a robot manufacturing facility in the United States. Robotics is a fundamental enabler of the next level of North American industrial growth in an increasingly competitive world. With our continued commitment and investment, our local team is well positioned to support our customers with robotics solutions made in the United States. Our leading technology of web-enabled, collaborative and safe robots will contribute to job security and quality of work.
The new North American manufacturing presence elevates our offering and service to robotics customers in the United States, Mexico and Canada, allowing us to achieve best-in-class delivery schedules and technical support in North America, said Per Vegard Nerseth, Managing Director of ABB Robotics. The expansion is consistent with our global strategy, which is to establish a local presence in key robotics growth markets to provide our leading technology to our customers. Thanks to the strong robotics market, I’m confident we will expand our workforce here to a total of 1,000 highly skilled employees in the not-too-distant future.
The portfolio of products manufactured at the new facility will expand in phases, with the goal that most ABB robots and robot controllers delivered in the United States, Canada and Mexico will be manufactured in Auburn Hills. Localized manufacturing streamlines the delivery process and results in significantly reduced robot lead times for customers.

Volvo in USA

Volvo, the leading firm in Car  manufacturing industries has now decided to launch its factory for the first time in USA. According to the report, the sites will be in Georgia and South Carolina. It is expected to be launched in the late weeks of April but it is not sure about the time of launch.

According to South Carolina newspaper reports, the state has proposed a site north of Charleston. But there is also a statement from Atlanta Journal Constitution that Volvo is looking at a coastal site near the port of Savannah, Ga. There is no comment on the proposals by the economic development officials in both states and say whether Volvo has informed them about a decision. Construction of the $500 million plant might start in September depending on Volvo’s new flexible platform.

 Lars Wrebo, Volvo’s head of manufacturing and purchasing, previously said the targeted annual capacity is 100,000 to 120,000 units.

Importers Exporters USA, Exporters USA, Importers USA

USA importers and the exporters are found to be the top  business partners for various countries. USA exporters focus on the strategy  increase the economy of USA. Meanwhile, USA importers target to purchase business goods or services from various countries to satisfy their business needs.  promotes their exports in their international global market place. So that, they can register their presence with the global public. The Exporters are the persons or the firms who transfer their goods from one end to the other end. They may export from country to country or from state to state and vice-versa. The Main purpose of export is to increase the economy of a country or a state. Every country promotes their exports in their international global market place. So that, they can register their presence with the global public.
The importers are the persons or firms who import their business products or services from various countries or states. The main motto of the import is to satisfy their business needs. The import of a country can be appreciated from the local to global market places to register their presence in the global public.

The main exports of USA are Capital goods, industrial supplies and materials, consumer goods, food, feed and beverages, fuel oil and petroleum products,  aircraft and components,other, 4%.The capital goods contribute the most with 28%, the industrial supplies and the stands next with 25%.The oil fuels are kept exceptional in the industrial supplies and materials. The consumer goods exhibits their presence with 12%.The automotive parts are kept exceptional in the consumer goods

The export goods from USA also covers food, feed and beverages as well with 7.6%.The aircraft components are exported with 6% to other countries and the miscellaneous with 4% to various countries or estates. The main export partners of USA are Canada, Mexico,china and japan.

The main imports of USA are Consumer goods, capital goods, industrial supplies, automotive vehicles and components, computers and accessories, food, feed, and beverages. The consumer goods contribute the most with 23%The automotive particles are left exceptional in the imports of the consumer goods. The capital goods stands next to the consumer goods which is followed by the industrial supplies. The business products like the vehicle and components followed by computer have also established their presence in the import of USA.

The Main Import partners of USA are China,Mexico, Canada and Germany. china contributes the most with 19% of imports followed by Canada,Mexico,Japan and Germany. USA focus the more on imports rather than the exports as per the recent survey. Bizbilla have wide range of USA importers and exporters to promote their business in the local and global b2b market places. Bizbilla have wide range of USA importers and exporters to expand your business in the globalb2b  markets.